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The Mark Study
Page 15: Let's Get Personal

Now here are a couple of important questions about stuff that we didn't cover on the previous page but will cover in the next study... Get a sheet of paper or something else to write on, and go ahead and answer these to the best of your ability, writing down your answers on paper. You can simply print this page out and write the answers in if you like.

When does Jesus say He will forgive us? In other words, at what point in our "conversion" are our sins washed away?
Your answer:

Do you believe you have been saved? If so, when do you believe you were saved? (what age, or how long ago)
Your answer:

What were you doing at that time, at the moment you were saved?
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Have you been baptized? If so, when, and how?
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Why were you baptized? In other words, what was the purpose of it, or why did you decide to get baptized?
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The Moment of Salvation -->

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This study was originally arranged by Rex Boyles, with adaptations by Kris Smith and Rob Hindman.

 This Series: 
1 Jesus Can Help - Introduction
2 Calming the Storm and Sea
3 Casting Out the Demons
4 Jairus's Daughter and the Bleeding Woman
5 A Look at the Resurrection
6 Listen to Him
7 Why Listen?
8 Care for a Leper
9 Disrespected and Misunderstood
10 Betrayed and Used
11 Curses and Lies
12 Sin Separates
13 The Bad News
14 The Good News
15 Let's Get Personal
16 The Moment of Salvation
17 The Conversion of Saul
18 The Conversion of the Crowd in Acts 2
19 Your Choice

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