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Where Did This Site Come From?

Knowtruth developed out of a cheesy but fun little personal website that one of us set up called The Realm. We got a taste of the potential the internet has as an information medium and were able to discuss matters of truth with many people through the website. So we decided to take it a step higher and in January of 1999 started planning a more sophisticated website focused on this idea.

Knowtruth is not presently a company, organization or any such thing. One thing that's for sure is that this site will never be for profit or anything, and we are very happy that we don't have any silly advertising anywhere on the site. This is solely a labor of love that we do in our spare time, since we each have normal lives and jobs and so forth. The ".com" in knowtruth.com is simply a recognizable and available internet address, and does not have anything to do with commerce.

Who Are You People?

Hey, we've asked ourselves that same question sometimes. Knowtruth is much more about who it's for rather than who it's from. But we know what it's like to want to get the scoop on who's behind a website or a work of any kind. We're just a few guys with more or less normal backgrounds and occupations, but we have a few huge things in common:

  • We love truth
  • We're seeking it
  • We've found it
  • We are brothers in Christ

Besides that, we're great friends to boot. Really, we're nice guys. You'd like us. A little more info if you're really curious:

Eli Hooper is the guy that got this ball rolling in the first place. From his limited finances as a self-employed graphic designer in Placerville, CA, Eli plunked down a few bucks to get the knowtruth.com domain (call it venture capital if you want). Eli now serves as the evangelist for the church of Christ in Grass Valley, CA. He and his wife Kelcey have four children. As for Eli, deep inside he is a cutting-edge skater-type with streamlined shades, spiky hair and a big grin on his face. -- email: eli@knowtruth.com

Rob Hindman could be considered the gears that churn within the spinning insides of knowtruth. He's the guy who did all the geeky stuff back in 2000 like building and designing the website and administering the database it runs off of, all while living in Apia, Samoa where he was serving as a missionary apprentice at the time. Rob and his wife, Denyce, have three children and are currently serving as missionaries in Ukraine. -- email: rob@knowtruth.com

Bill Smith is to knowtruth what the US Army is to a scrawny, sluggish youngster straight out of the burbs -- he helps it to be all it can be. Bill's productivity and resources helped kick knowtruth into high gear and beef up its content. Among the content here, you will find nearly the entire text of Bill's book, Firmly Rooted, which is available in print from Knowtruth Publishing Co. (no joke!). If you met Bill, though, he would probably remind you more of a friendly, successful business man than a gruff Army sergeant. And that might be because Bill works as an executive in the software industry. Yeah, he's our big shot around here. He and his wife Anne live in the Seattle, WA area and have three adult children. -- email: bill@knowtruth.com

Jason Harris got involved with knowtruth at about the time that Bill did, around February 2000, and that made the 4 of us into a sort of brainstorming committee for the formation of knowtruth. Jason has provided some valuable insights and thought-provoking perspective, as well as a tough question or two about some glitches in his home networking setup. Jason is currently working on some content for the site, and if you can be patient with him maybe we'll get a paragraph or two one of these days. Jason has lived in such exotic places as Tegucigalpa, Honduras (past) and Shingle Springs, CA (present). He and his wife Michelle have three children. -- email: jason@knowtruth.com

There are surely others who will make contributions in the future, and maybe we will make a contributors list here. Is there anything else you would like to see on this "About" page? Just email Rob and let us know.


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