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A Quick Answer to Evolution
Life Is Too Complex

Life is far too complex to be explained as an accident. In a presentation debating Creationism vs. Evolution, Jason D. Browning proposed the following challenge. Design a robot that:

Unquestionably, if you could do this, your skill would be truly amazing. People would marvel. Where did you get the technology? How did you develop such an advanced design? The interesting thing is that this has already been done. We call it an ant. What's more amazing is that we step on them and spray them with poison because they are a trivial nuisance. Compared to man they are simple and insignificant. Man is complex beyond our imagination. How could we ever believe that such fabulous design is not the work of an intelligent and powerful designer? Life is too complex to be an accident. See the Argument by Design for more information.

It Violates the Laws of Physics

As noted in the Argument By Creation, Darwinism contradicts several observed laws of science. Among them are the law of biogenesis, the principles of entropy, and the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Unless one can propose evidence worthy of ignoring such universal axioms, there is every reason to categorically dismiss the claims of evolution.

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