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Argument by Creation - Cosmological Argument
Page 4: Law of Entropy

The Law of Entropy

Closely related to the second law of thermodynamics, there is a principle asserting that things run down. Orderly things become disorderly. Living things wear out. There is a scientific observation called entropy that describes this phenomenon, but it doesn't take more than common sense to understand it. Cars wear out, flowers die, and people get old.

The universe is no different. Things are wearing out. Evolutionists would have us believe that billions of years of evolution have reversed this process. Not only is this unproven and senseless, it is also in direct conflict with the observed. If in a little time things wear out, become more chaotic, and run down, then billions of years would only compound the process.

Diagram of Evolution vs PhysicsAs this simple diagram indicates, the law of Entropy as observed by science (the black arrow) and the theory of an eternal universe (the light blue arrow) are directly opposed. As time goes on, order and information in the universe diminish - this is called entropy and is attributable to the second law of thermodynamics. Conversely, evolution calls for order and information to increase with time.

The universe itself is the best example of this progression towards chaos. In 1924 astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered the continual expansion of the universe. In other words, he recognized that as time passed the celestial bodies were moving outward. Additionally he noted that the rate of expansion was greater as the masses moved further away. This was positive proof that the universe could not have existed eternally. Amazingly, it was peering into Hubble's 100-inch telescope that finally persuaded Albert Einstein that the universe had a beginning.

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By: Bill Smith
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