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Argument by Design - Teleological Argument
Page 1: Introduction

I chuckle when I remember the words of Albert Einstein,

"God Almighty does not throw the dice."

Einstein, one of the greatest minds of all time, acknowledged the existence, intention, and intelligence of God, the Creator. God does not do things by accident. And while there are those who would have us believe that a roll-of-the-dice, or chance, is precisely how we arrived on planet earth, it is comforting to know that some of our greatest scientific minds support the existence of a great and intelligent Creator.

Why? Quite simply because life is far too complex to be an accident. There is a tale about Benjamin Franklin that is quite illustrative. I only wish that I could credit the author or storyteller, but I can't find the origin. The story goes that Franklin had an acquaintance that came to his office and observed a beautiful and rather sophisticated model of the solar system. The model had all of the planets in appropriate alignment and mounted on gears, causing them to rotate when a crank was turned.

When the gentleman inquired of Franklin, "Where did you find such an excellent model? Who made it?" Franklin replied, "Oh, no one." The gentleman, a confirmed atheist, would not accept such an answer, yet he didn't think twice about discrediting the Maker of the very real universe, after which this model was constructed.

How quick some people are to make similar judgements. We would never think that the clock on the wall appeared by accident - assembled with its many gears and cogs, battery in place, time set perfectly, designer faceplate and fitted glass cover. Yet many assume the accidental appearance of the sun, the earth's rotation, and the very things after which we model and even set our clocks!

Below, this common sense approach to creation has been reduced to some convincing arguments, based on the fabulous and intelligent design of the universe.

All Intelligent Design Requires a Designer

Not only does an intelligent design require a designer, but the more complex the design, the more intelligent the designer. For example, birds build nests, but you won't see them reconstructing the Eiffel Tower or building a high-rise office building. Beavers build dams, but its not likely you will see them building something as sophisticated as Hoover Dam. These complicated designs require intelligent designers. Left alone, less intelligent creators produce less intelligent creations.

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By: Bill Smith
This article is adapted from Bill's book Firmly Rooted. Click here to learn how to get a copy.

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1 Introduction
2 Intelligent Design in the Human Body
3 The Math of Intelligent Design
4 The Cause of It All

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