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Argument by Design - Teleological Argument
Page 2: Intelligent Design in the Human Body

Intelligent Design is Present in the Universe

There is great design in all of creation. One can hardly argue this point. Consider the incredible complexity of the modern day camera lens. It can focus instantly and automatically. It can zoom in for a close-up and zoom out for a wide-angle shot. Then consider the substantially greater complexity and functionality of the human eye, after which it is patterned. Not only is the functionality greater, but the interface to the world's greatest computer, the human brain, is spectacular.

While this is an adequate example of the complexity of design in the human body, it only scratches the surface. For example, there is enough DNA data in a single human cell to fill an encyclopedia volume. And just as the words and letters in an encyclopedia volume are arranged in an intelligent pattern, the DNA in a cell is likewise perfectly formatted and constructed in an intelligent pattern. Did the words in an encyclopedia appear randomly? Did the pattern of DNA appear randomly?

And do we consider how perfect the DNA patterns must be? As a simple example consider the words on this page. There are a little less than 400 words here, but they don't require absolute perfection. If I misspelled a word or misused it, you could probably still grasp the meaning of what is written. Now consider the case of hemoglobin in the human body. This protein molecule requires that four chains of 100 amino acids be perfectly linked together. If a single amino acid is out of place it results in sickle-cell anemia, a potentially fatal disease.

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By: Bill Smith
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2 Intelligent Design in the Human Body
3 The Math of Intelligent Design
4 The Cause of It All

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