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A Quick Answer to Evolution
Page 2: Setting It Straight

Within days of this article appearing at the newsstand a superb response was published at the web site Answers In Genesis Online. I have reproduced an excerpt below in order to show that much of what is made public has been tainted by bias towards evolutionary theory.

"The article claims that 'amazing new discoveries reveal the secrets of our past' and 'remarkable new evidence is filling in the story of how we became human'. In reality, there is actually little new in this article. What is new is trivial, and does not establish human evolution, any more than similar claims (now mostly discredited) did so in the past.

The article papers over the profound disagreements amongst evolutionists themselves about the significance of the various claims. For example,
Ardipithecus ramidus is proudly portrayed as our ancestor closest to the apes. When the evidence is examined, it is found most wanting, especially when it is remembered that it was claimed as THE missing link at the time it was announced to the eager media. The bits and pieces were found scattered over about a mile and put together to get 'the missing link'.

Homo habilis is now widely recognized as a mixture of different types, technically called an 'invalid taxon'. Skulls 9,11,12,13,14 and 15 are all just variations of the true human kind. Various respected evolutionists have provided evidence that
Australopithecus spp. (pictures 2-8) did not walk upright, certainly not in anything like the human manner (e.g. Oxnard on anatomy, Spoor on inner ear balance organ structure), and are not transitional between apes and people. This is totally left aside by the article. There is no reason to connect the australopithecines to humans, except in the belief system of evolutionists.

When complete fossils are found, they are easy to assign clearly as either 'ape' or human, there are only 'ape-men' where imagination colored by belief in evolution is applied to fragmented bits and pieces."

Besides the lack of transitional forms, the fossil record has another major problem. This problem occurs as paleontologists and archaeologists observe the oldest strata of the earth's crust - the Cambrian layer. If organic evolution were true the oldest layers of strata would contain more simplistic life forms, followed by more complex life forms in more recent strata. Quite the contrary is true. The Cambrian layer contains thousands of complex life forms - sometimes referred to as the Cambrian Explosion - without any sign of prior, more simple creatures. This clearly indicates the sudden explosion of life on earth without an evolutionary path.

There is much more to read on this subject, but hopefully you can get the idea that a healthy dose of skepticism is in order prior to accepting everything in print as truth.

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By: Bill Smith
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