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God: The Question of a Supreme Being
Is there a "God"? What if there is? What if there is a great Creator, all-powerful and omniscient? While many people are content with their lives, this has long been a nagging and unanswered question. Is there a Higher Power, a Supreme Being through which everything else came into existence? In this section we will examine this question.

Does God Exist?

Does It Matter Whether There Is a God?
Millions of people choose to live their lives uncertain of whether a God exists or not. They either think that they can't figure it out or that it doesn't matter in the first place. The truth is, it matters a lot more than they might think.

Argument by Creation - Cosmological Argument
Has the universe been created? If so, then it must be the result of a Creator. But what light do the laws of science shed on all of this?

Argument by Design - Teleological Argument
Is the universe the result of intelligent design, or gradual development by raw chance over time? Let's crunch some numbers and see what the evidence suggests.

Argument by Morality - Axiological Argument
Is it wrong to kill someone for no reason? If so, what makes it wrong? There is evidently a certain core morality that is common among all mankind, but the question is, how did it get there?

Argument by Revelation - Bibliological Argument
If we can conclude that there is a revelation that God has made to man, we can of course conclude the existence of the God who made it. But does such a revelation exist?


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