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Circumstantial Evidence of the Resurrection
Page 7: Disregard for the Tomb

Every year thousands flock to Mount Glenwood Cemetery in Glenwood, Illinois to honor the tomb of Elijah Poole Muhammad, a self-proclaimed prophet and primary activist of Islam in the United States--in other words, just a man. But the tomb of Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God was forgotten immediately after His death.

Today the tombs of many religious leaders have become shrines and honorary places of worship--but not the tomb of Jesus. Why? Why wouldn't His faithful followers at least pay their respects occasionally? Why wasn't some tradition, at least a short-lived one, established in His honor? The lucid answer is that the disciples of Christ disregarded the tomb as an empty meaningless shell in favor of the resurrected Lord.

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By: Bill Smith
This article is adapted from Bill's book Firmly Rooted. Click here to learn how to get a copy.

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1 The Silence of Jewish Leaders
2 The Change in the Disciples' Attitude
3 And then there Was Saul
4 It Was Taken for Granted in Scripture
5 The Change to Sunday Worship
6 The Sacrament of Baptism
7 Disregard for the Tomb
8 The Success of the Church
9 Jesus Foretold His Death and Resurrection
10 Women Saw Him First
11 The Grave Clothes Were Left Behind
12 What Happened on Pentecost

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