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Common Facts Surrounding the Resurrection
Page 2: Where We All Agree

There are many facts about the resurrection that are generally accepted by scholars and theologians alike. Why are these facts generally accepted? First, because they are generally believable. Most people do not have difficulty accepting historical facts that can be naturally explained and seem logical. However, when those claims start to be of a supernatural nature some scholars are quick to create alternate theories (as we will examine below) in an attempt to explain them away.

Second, these events are well documented in history. While the New Testament is a historically proven, accurate, and reliable document, there is, in many cases, corroborating secular evidence. The interpretation of these facts, however, is where most historians digress in order to avoid the fact that Christ rose from the dead. Below are the six points most commonly agreed upon by scholars.

Fact 1 - Jesus Lived -->

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By: Bill Smith
This article is adapted from Bill's book Firmly Rooted. Click here to learn how to get a copy.

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1 Who Was Jesus?
2 Where We All Agree
3 Fact 1 - Jesus Lived
4 Fact 2 - He Claimed to Be the Messiah
5 Fact 3 - He Suffered Torture and Death by Crucifixion
6 Fact 4 - His Body Was Placed in a Tomb, Sealed and Guarded
7 Fact 5 - On the Third Day the Tomb Was Found Empty, the Stone Moved
8 Fact 6 - Many Eyewitnesses Reported Seeing Him after His Death

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