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The Mark Study
Disrespected and Misunderstood

We have just seen how Jesus displayed overwhelming compassion toward one of the lowliest people in society. One would think that Jesus would be honored and respected for his care for humanity. Let's continue to take a look at how Jesus was treated by people, and his reactions...

Read Mark 5:40.

What did they do to Jesus?

Some Bible translations say they "laughed him to scorn." They weren't chuckling, they were trying to make him look stupid and foolish. In short, they were making fun of him. Had he done anything wrong?

Has this ever happened to you? If so, Jesus understands. Do you think anyone was laughed at today? Did any kids get picked on at school...

How does that feel?

There is good news for those people. Jesus cares and understands. They laughed at him too.

Read Mark 6:1-4.

Where did Jesus go?

Who is at home? Family, friends, and relatives. If there is anyplace in the world where there ought to be people who will love you and stand beside you, where is it? At home.

But in verse 3, they took offense at him. What does that mean?

Have people in your own family ever misunderstood you? So much that they would rather not have you around them? How does that feel? You and I may or may not know how that feels, but we know this... Jesus knows how that feels!

Do you think anyone feels like that today?

I may not know how that feels but I know this... Jesus does! There is good news for us: Jesus understands, and because of that, he cares!

Move ahead to Mark 6:30-34.

Jesus is talking to His apostles, and we see in verse 31 that they were so busy with the people that they didn't even have time to eat! So they went to a "quiet place"...

But what did the people do? (verse 33)

How would you have felt? What would you have done? Would you have been frustrated or lost control?

What did Jesus do? (verse 34)

Jesus "felt compassion for them" because they were like sheep without a shepherd. He knew what they really needed, so he gave them his time and taught them. Keep in mind that he and his disciples hadn't even had time to eat lately, and were surely tired and worn out as they were going to spend some time in a quiet place. What do we learn about Jesus? He cares more for people than he does for his own needs!

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