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The Mark Study
Why Listen?

In the last study, we looked at one simple passage in which the voice of God said of Jesus, "Listen to him!" Now that we are willing and ready to listen, let's first address an important question: "Why should I listen to Jesus?" For the answer to this question, we will leave the book of Mark that we have been using in the whole study so far and flip ahead to the very next book, the book of Luke. Read Luke 6:46-49.

Here, Jesus compares the storms in our lives to a physical storm that strikes in a place where a man builds a house. When the storms come, what will happen to your "house" (your life or your soul) if you have listened to Jesus and acted on his words?

What does Jesus say will happen if the storm comes and you haven't listened to him and acted on his words?

You can't stop the storms in your life... but you can listen to Jesus and put his words into practice! Now turn ahead to the next book in the Bible, the book of John. Read John 12:48.

What does Jesus say will judge us in the "last day"?

There are two things to be emphasized here:

Here, Jesus makes it clear that when it comes to our salvation or condemnation in "the last day," we will not be judged by our parents, our friends, or by any pastors or priests, etc. A lot of times when we hear something in the Bible that is different than what we believe, we say something like, "But my church teaches something else..." or "But my pastor says..." or even "But my heart says..." or "But me feelings say..." If you are willing to listen to Jesus, then nothing anyone else says (or even our own emotions) will matter! Nobody's words or teachings can keep you from listening to the true word of Jesus! And this is so important, because as you just read, it will only be the words of Jesus that will judge you for either salvation or condemnation! Nobody else's word!

So that's one big reason why we should listen to Jesus. Why else? Turn ahead to the next book, the book of Acts. Read Acts 3:23.

What does this say will happen to anyone who doesn't listen to or "heed" what Jesus says?

This may seem like a really negative scripture. These scriptures are meant to do two things: They should reassure you if you do want to listen to Jesus, and they will convict you if you don't want to listen to Him. Now flip forward to the next book, the book of Romans. Read Romans 10:17.

This teaches us that faith comes by or from what?

What does it say we need to hear in order to have faith?

Why should you and I listen to Jesus? That's what gives us faith!!! Think back to the events we have already studied... Why did the disciples turn to Jesus when they were in trouble? Because they believed he would and could help them! Why did the demon-possessed man run to Jesus from the tombs? Because he thought Jesus could help! Why did the desperate woman crawl to Jesus to touch his clothes? Because she believed he could help! All of these had faith. And according to this Scripture, what will give you that kind of faith? Listening to the words of Jesus!

Now turn ahead to the next book in the Bible, the book of 1 Corinthians. Read 1 Corinthians 14:37.

Paul (the apostle, and inspired author of this book) says that the things that he writes are what?

When you read what Paul wrote, whose words are you reading?

The simple point here is that if we want to listen to Jesus, where do we look? In the pages of the New Testament! Now, let's flip briefly through those pages and look at a couple more things. First, flip past the next book (2 Corinthians) and find the book after it, the book of Galatians. Look at Galatians 1:6-10.

What if someone (even an angel) preaches something that is contrary to what Jesus and the New Testament writers preach and write?

Now turn to the next book, the book of Ephesians.  Read Ephesians 3:2-5.

Here we read about the "mystery," which refers to truth which was formerly hidden but now has been revealed in Christ (verses 3 and 4). It was made known to God's apostles and prophets (verse 5). Paul says that in this case it was written down for us to read. When we read it, can it be understood (see verse 4)?

What is the point? If you want Jesus to help you, you must listen to him!!! Why?

Where can you find his words?

So now, to recap, we have seen the ability of Jesus. Now we have seen the authority of Jesus. We want to trust Jesus' power and respect his authority. This is good news! If you will listen to Jesus... what can Jesus do? Jesus can help! When nothing else can... When nobody else can... Jesus can help!

This brings us to the end of the first part of this study, Jesus Can Help. Proceed to the next page and we will start the next part, Jesus Can Care.

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