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The Mark Study
Listen to Him

Having looked at the resurrection of Jesus, we have seen his power. We have seen that he has power over storms, demons, diseases, and deaths (both those of other people, and ultimately, his own). We have seen Jesus' power. Now let's take a look at his authority.

What did the storm, the demons, and the dead little girl do? They all listened to Jesus.

If you and I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, what should we do?

Flip back in the book of Mark to Mark 9:7. This verse is the end of a story (Mark 9:2-8 if you want to read it), in which Jesus takes three of his disciples with him to a mountain, and there they witness in amazement as Jesus is "transfigured," which basically means his appearance is supernaturally changed. A light emanates from him and his clothes, and he becomes very bright, and the disciples observe that Moses and Elijah appear standing with Jesus. Moses represents the old Law under which the Jews had lived for centuries (Old Covenant), and Elijah represents the prophets of God who preached to those under that Law to guide them spiritually (Old Covenant). Now read Mark 9:7.

What does the voice of God say?

The simple message is that the Old Covenant of that time was soon to end, and a New Covenant (which is what we live under today) was coming. In this New Covenant which has come, we are simply told of Jesus, "Listen to Him!"

This is an important question that needs to be answered before we can go on...

Are you willing to listen to Jesus?

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