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The Mark Study
A Look at the Resurrection

Let's now jump ahead toward the end of the book of Mark. We are going to look ahead, past Jesus' death by crucifixion and his burial in a sealed tomb. It is now two days after Jesus has been buried, and some women are coming to the tomb to see if they can be let into the tomb in order to honor their dead friend Jesus by anointing his body with some spices. Read Mark 16:1-6.

Were the women expecting Jesus' body to be in the tomb?

Was Jesus' body still in the tomb?

What does the person they meet (an angel) tell them?

Jesus raised from the dead (resurrected)!!! Why is this such an important event? Because if he really rose from the dead, then he demonstrated that he has power over the one thing that is inevitable for all humanity. If you are a human and nothing more, it is inevitable that you will die. Nobody can deny that. Jesus was dead, and on the third day afterwards, he was alive again. Instances where a person's heart stops beating for a minute or two, and then starts beating again, do not even compare to this. Jesus' body was dead, as dead as one can get, dead cold. How can we explain that his tomb was empty on the third day? Let's look at some evidences:


Most all historians and scholars, whether believers or non-believers, agree on the following three points:

  1. Jesus was crucified.
  2. His body was put into a tomb with guards to protect it. About the guards: these were Roman guards, probably between 4 and 16 of them to watch the tomb. The penalty for a Roman guard to fail his assignment (e.g., if someone got into the tomb while he was guarding it) was immediate execution of the guard -- this was Roman policy.
  3. On the third day, the tomb was empty.


1. Jesus' disciples stole the body?

2. The Jews stole Jesus' body?

3. Jesus never died, he just passed out and then revived later inside the tomb?

4. Grave robbers stole Jesus' body?

5. The women went to the wrong tomb?

If the disciples couldn't (and wouldn't) take the body, and the Jews would have had no reason to, and Jesus was definitely dead, and nobody else stole the body, and the women were at the right grave... Then what in the world happened?


Note that there are still more evidences for the resurrection not even touched upon in this brief summary. You can read more indepth about these elsewhere on knowtruth, but the evidence we've just looked at is simple enough.

Do you believe that Jesus raised from the dead?

3 Questions:

So many people are scared to death of dying. After we die, we will have no control over what happens to our souls. But we have some control now! We have the control of choice... We can choose to reject God and His offer of eternal life in Jesus Christ, or we can choose to accept God at His word and faithfully obey Him. And after we die, when nobody else can help... Jesus can help!

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