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The Mark Study
Jairus's Daughter and the Bleeding Woman

Let's pick up where we left off last time. Read Mark 5:21-24.

Who is gathering around Jesus?

We're going to meet two people in this passage. The first is Jairus.

What is it that Jairus requests of Jesus?

What is the crowd doing?

Imagine how Jairus feels! He wants to hurry so Jesus can get to his daughter before she dies, but this crowd is also pushing in and slowing things down.

Read verses 25-34.

This second person we meet in this passage is a lady in the crowd.

What do we know about her?

What had happened to her condition and to her finances when she sought help from the doctors?

Where does the lady touch Jesus?

Keep in mind that the "hem" of his garment is the part down closest to the ground. This shows how desperate she is to get to him, that she is on the ground crawling to touch him.

What happens when she touches Jesus? What is his reaction?

3 Questions:

The Bible indicates that miracles happened back then through the power of God in Jesus and his apostles and prophets. Now that Jesus and the apostles aren't on the earth in modern times, miracles like this don't take place, but if Jesus could conquer this woman's disease...

Can He conquer our souls' diseases today?

Do you know anyone who is desperate? Maybe they have tried everything -- doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, drugs, alcohol?

Good news is that when no one else can help - Jesus can help!

Let's not forget Jairus! Remember him, the guy whose daughter is about to die? He is still in the crowd, waiting for Jesus to get to his house! Imagine how he feels: His daughter is about to die... He probably wishes Jesus wouldn't stop and talk to this sick old lady he just healed!

Read verse 35.

What news do they hear?

Imagine what Jairus is thinking... "Why didn't we walk faster?" "Why did we have to talk to that old lady?" "My daughter is dead!"

Read verse 36.

What does Jesus say?

Read verses 37-43.

Jesus says the girl is "sleeping." The people laugh and make fun of him.

Have you been laughed at and made fun of like this?

Jesus tells the girl to "get up" or "arise."

How long does it take for her to recover from her illness and death?

This is an important part of miracles in the New Testament. It did not take days or months for the miracle to run its course. This little girl was made healthy immediately!

3 Questions:

Is there any good news there? Do you know people who are dead -- dead in sin? Are any of your friends worried about dying physically? All of our exercises and diets can't stop death. But Jesus can! Jesus can help!

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