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The Mark Study
Casting Out the Demons

In our last study, we read in Mark 4:35-41 about Jesus calming the storm at sea. Now let's pick up where we left off. Read Mark 5:1-5.

Based on what we read last time, what time of day do you think it is now?

Keep in mind that though they referred to it as a "sea," the Sea of Galilee (also called Lake Genneserat or Lake Tiberias) was really just an inland lake of large size (a round lake about 14 miles by 8 miles). Still, as we read, its waves got quite large in heavy storms, especially for the little wooden boats they used on it.

Where do they land the boat?

A cemetery isn't the kind of place you typically want to be at night! The disciples are probably soaked and tired, and you can imagine they probably want to dry out, build a fire and get some rest. But then they meet this guy in the cemetery...

How is this man described?

Read verses 6-20.

What does Jesus say?

The demons had no choice!

In verse 15, how is the man now?

3 Questions:

I don't believe that people today can be possessed by demons like this man was (the Bible indicates that God allowed it to happen at that time so that Jesus could demonstrate his authority over them). But if Jesus could cast out those demons then...

Can he conquer the influences the devil has in our lives today?

This guy was miserable before Jesus helped him! Is anybody today miserable like that?

What do they need to hear? Jesus can help! That's good news!

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