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The Mark Study
The Conversion of the Crowd in Acts 2

Now we'll check out a second "case study," an example of the salvation of Jesus Christ taking place in the lives of people like you and me. Let's look together at Acts chapter 2.

Some background info: Here in Acts 2, it is just weeks after Jesus has resurrected from the dead, appeared to people, and ascended to heaven.

Let's pause it right there and just take a look at these people at this particular point in time:

The crowd as of Acts 2:13

Pretty easy to see that these guys are not saved yet. Let's see what happens next.

Starting in verse 14, the apostle Peter preaches the message of Jesus to them. He tells them about who Jesus is and concludes with the powerful statement of verse 36, that Jesus is Lord and Christ, this same Jesus whom these people crucified!

Now see their response in verse 37.

What effect did the message have on them?

Are they saved yet?

The crowd as of Acts 2:37

Now, you may remember with the example of Saul in the previous page, we got the rest of the story when we continued reading. So let's read on...

What question did they ask (verse 37)?

Verse 38 -- What answer was given?

What reasons are given for them, having believed and repented, to be baptized?

The crowd as of Acts 2:38

If their sins still needed to be forgiven, were they saved before their baptism?

Sequence of events in the salvation of Acts 2

Verse 41

How did they respond to this?

What about you? Think back to the answers you gave to the questions about salvation a couple emails ago. Did you answer that you had been saved before you were baptized (or that you were saved and never were baptized?) In light of what we learned above, you owe it to yourself to stop and sincerely think about the questions below...

  1. When does Jesus / God's word say a person will be saved (have his sins forgiven)?
  2. Why does Jesus want someone to be baptized, for what purpose?
  3. Is the way you thought you were saved the same way the Bible says in the examples we've just seen?
  4. If you were not baptized to have your sins forgiven (washed away), were you baptized with the baptism that Jesus commands?
  5. If you were not baptized with the baptism Jesus commands, were you saved?
  6. Do you want to be saved the way the Bible says?
  7. If you want to, and want to now, can we help you find true Christians (saved people) near you to get in touch with?

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