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The Mark Study
The Conversion of Saul

Continuing with the train of thought in the previous study, we will look at this same thing now with a real life example or two in the Bible. Sometimes it makes it even easier to understand when we can actually see it happening in real life. We have someone who is a live illustration of what Jesus commanded in regard to salvation!

Turn to Acts 22. In verses 1 and 2, the apostle Paul (formerly called "Saul") is about to give his "defense" to a group of people who are trying to have him imprisoned. He is going to explain to them who he was, and is, and what has brought him to preach about Jesus. Let's read...

Read Acts 22:3-5.

What is the first thing you know about Saul?

Was this man saved (as of verse 5)?

Saul as of Acts 22:5

Simple enough, let's keep reading: Acts 22:6-10 -- Saul encounters the risen Jesus on the way to Damascus.

What does Saul ask in verse 8?

Verse 10 -- what does Saul ask now?

Is Saul a saved man at this point?

Saul as of Acts 22:10

What did the Lord say (verse 10)?

Let's see what's next... Read Acts 22:11-16 -- God sends Ananias to help Saul and talk to him.

Verse 16 -- When would Saul's sins be washed away?

Saul as of Acts 22:16

If you said that he was already saved in the second picture (when he believed, repented, confessed), is that correct?

Sequence of events in Saul's salvation

If his sins still hadn't been washed away before verse 16, that solidly tells us that he was not saved at the point of verse 10. Remember that there is no such thing as salvation without the forgiveness, or washing away, of sins. Because sin separates us from God, salvation and the forgiveness of sins are one and the same. According to God's word, as demonstrated in the conversion of Saul, at what point does that forgiveness take place?

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