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The Mark Study
The Moment of Salvation

You understand that only Jesus can save us, that he died for our sins to save us, and that he did it because he loves us more than we can ever know. We'll start in this study to look at the simplicity of salvation as found in the Bible. What's really important is not when we "feel" like we are saved, but when Jesus says we are saved. Our feelings can often confuse us and they are not reliable, but Jesus knows all things, and we can always trust in his word. Here we go...

What we'll be looking for here is the specific point in time when a person is saved (i.e., when their sins are forgiven), and the things that a person must do to be saved. With each passage, I'll ask 2 or 3 questions whose answers are just right there in the text if you just read it and accept it for what it says.

Let's start, as we often do, in the book of Mark. Look at Mark 16:16.

  1. When does Jesus say a person will be saved... when a person does what?
  2. Does a person have to believe?
  3. If you believe and get baptized, what does Jesus promise?

Now turn past John to Acts, and read Acts 2:36-41.

  1. In verse 38, when does God's word say a person receives forgiveness of sins?
  2. Do you have to repent?
  3. If you repent and are baptized, what will happen?

[Note: Repentance is a decision you make to turn away from sin. It is like changing your mind; you decide to get out of it and try not to do it anymore. This doesn't mean you won't sin ever again -- you will, all Christians do. That's why we need Jesus' blood. Once you are saved, his blood is continually cleansing you as you walk faithfully through life. Repentance is a fundamental part of this lifestyle. The next scripture also describes this as "dying to sin" or "dying to self"...]

Next book... Romans 6:3-6.

  1. When does this say a person will walk in new life?
  2. Does a person have to die to sin (this means make a break with sin)?
  3. If you die to sin and are buried with him in baptism, what happens?

Next book... 1 Corinthians 12:13.

  1. When does God's word say we get into the "one body" (the church)?
  2. What happens when you are baptized?

Skip 2 Corinthians, and look at Galatians 3:26-27.

  1. When does God's word say a person becomes a son of God by faith?
  2. If you have faith in God and get baptized, what happens?

Skip Ephesians and Philippians, and look at Colossians 2:11-12.

  1. When does Jesus say he will cut off sin?
  2. Does a person really have to have faith in the power of God?
  3. What happens if you are baptized, having faith in the power of God?

Skip several books, and look at 1 Peter 3:21.

  1. When does God's word say a person is saved?

There's still more good stuff to look at along these lines in the next couple of pages. Did you make an effort to answer the questions above according to what each verse says? If the questions seem too easy, that's fine, that's because God didn't plan salvation to be difficult and confusing... if it's simple, then you're just seeing the beauty of God's way of doing things!

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