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The Mark Study
Sin Separates

In Part 1 of this series, we read about Jesus' miracles and wonders, his sheer power, and from that we drew the important point that Jesus can help. He can help us, with all that power. But as we pointed out, what good is that if he doesn't want to help us? That's why we studied in Part 2 about Jesus' love, compassion and concern for other people, for all mankind. His love for people both then and now drove him to set aside his own needs and good and accomplish instead what He needed to accomplish for the good of others. We saw that Jesus understands and loves us, that Jesus can care.

But that's still not the end of it. Even if he has the power to help us and he has the desire to care for us, we need to see if he can save us from our biggest problem... We need to see that Jesus can save.

PART 3: Jesus Can Save

Let's start in the book of Mark once again at Mark 10:45. Remember in our last study: Why did Jesus die? Because he cares for us!

Why, according to Mark 10:45, did Jesus give his life?

What does ransom mean?

Why did we need to be brought back home? What happened to us?

Sin has consequences. Adam and Eve received the consequences of their sin: they were cast out of the garden of Eden and never again had that original, perfect life the way God designed it. They felt ashamed or guilty. Adam blamed someone else -- anger. They were afraid -- so they tried to hide themselves from God. This was not the way God made us -- but they made the choice to sin. God did not make us to feel that way... Sin makes us feel that way!

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