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The Mark Study
Jesus Can Help - Introduction


Welcome to the beginning of the Mark Study. This is a simple Bible study centered on the book of Mark (hence the name). The study is focused on the most important human in history: Jesus Christ. Gradually we will cover three main parts of the study, which are arranged logically as follows:

Part 1: Jesus Can Help!
Yeah, but some people think he doesn't want to help... so...

Part 2: Jesus Can Care!
But... what eternal good is all of that if he can't save?

Part 3: Jesus Can Save!

As we go through the study bit by bit, page by page, you will join in the study by looking up and reading the Bible Scriptures in the study. I will be asking some questions to both of us... These questions are for you to answer rhetorically and according to the information given in the text. Please do think through these questions and answer them to yourself as you go through the study. Ready? Let's go...

PART 1: Jesus Can Help

Open your Bible with me to the book of Mark, chapter 1, verse 1 (Mark 1:1). Go ahead and read that verse.

What does the word "gospel" mean?

The word "gospel" means "good news." So when Mark says this is the "gospel" of Jesus Christ, he means this is good news about him! It means this will help you, this will make your life better!

In the past, have you felt like religion is this way, or that it is bad news, or that it is just plain boring, or what?

Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God? (Just for you to think about... a simple answer is fine, it's okay if you don't know or say no. We'll talk more about this later).

That's it for this first page, nice and short! If you've read and answered the questions above, we'll move on in our study and see more about how Jesus Can Help!

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