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How to Make a Good Argument for Creation
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Remember Copernicus? He was the insane fellow who thought the earth might not be the center of the universe. As Paul Harvey would say, "You know the rest of the story." He was right. Absolute truth exists. Whether or not we believe the earth revolves around the sun doesn't change the truth. Likewise, whether or not science supports the existence of God (and by the way, many scientists do) doesn't change the facts either.

Just like Copernicus, sometimes the little guy is right. Regardless of how many people say the earth is the center of the universe, it keeps on spinning around the sun. On the other hand, don't be too quick to judge all scientists categorically. Many of the most well known scientists and other great thinkers of our day support the existence of God. Consider the following list of creationist-believers, who founded many of our modern sciences1,

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