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How to Make a Good Argument for Creation
Use of Evidence

Although a straightforward presentation of the facts about evolution is a powerful defense against Darwinism and evolutionary theory, below are a few tips that may help you to present a persuasive case.

Beware of Selective Use of Evidence

It is common practice in paleontology to speculate and extrapolate details from a small amount of evidence. One of the greatest and most misleading examples of this practice is Nebraska Man. Once thought to be the proverbial missing link between man and ape, this would-be transitional form consisted of nothing more than a pig's tooth. From this tiny scrap of tooth entire human forms were imagined and rendered.

Science books have pictures of Nebraska Man. Museums have posters and statues, but they all fail to mention that this being - this missing link - was imagined from a pig's tooth! Examine evidence closely and you will find that the missing evidence of transitional forms is still missing.

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