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Argument by Creation - Cosmological Argument
Principle of Cause

The Principle of Cause

Knowing that the universe must have had a beginning leads us to explore another principle of science - The Principle of Cause. Simply stated, everything that has a beginning must have had a cause. If I was walking down the street and observed a wristwatch in the gutter, I would immediately recognize that it had both a beginning and a cause for having been placed there. There was a point in time that it got there, and there was something that caused it to be there. All created things have a cause, especially in the case of life forms. Relating back to the concept of biogenesis, there must be a specific cause. That is, life must be caused by life. Likewise, since the universe exists, it must have had a point of creation and a cause. I call that cause God.

Some might say that the cause was something accidental, but no one can explain how that accident might have happened, or what things looked like prior to the accident. Furthermore, as we will see in the next argument regarding intelligent design, the universe is far too complex to have occurred by accident.

Lack of Alternative Explanation

Finally, as we consider this Argument from Creation, we can't fail to notice the conspicuous absence of a reasonable alternative position. Of course there are those who would argue that the universe has always existed, or that it came spontaneously from nothing. But as we have seen, these speculations are futile. They lack substantial evidence, and violate some of the most fundamental laws of science.

Conclusion: A Creator

Since there are few other positions that can be speculated, we can judiciously conclude that there is a Creator. And while we still have much to learn about this great Being, it is fair to assume that He is both powerful and intelligent.

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