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Argument by Creation - Cosmological Argument
Law of Biogenesis

The Law of Biogenesis

Additionally, because of the principle of Biogenesis, the life forms within the universe must have had a beginning. This law states that life always comes from life. Science has never observed life coming from any form but other life. In fact, several scientists have tried desperately, with all of the accumulated knowledge of science, to recreate life in a test-tube. In every attempt they have failed.

Two scientists are best known for their attempts to recreate life in the laboratory, Dr. Stanley Miller and Dr. Sydney Fox. In their experiments they put some substances in an oxygen free environment and passed electricity to recreate the effect of lighting strikes. Did they produce life? Not only did they fail to create any life form; they actually strengthened the case for an intelligent creator.

During the experiment several amino acids combined - something that must happen for life to form. Unfortunately they formed in the wrong gender combination. Amino acids are distinctly left-handed or right-handed. All life forms contain only left-handed amino acids. The Miller-Fox attempt combined an even mix of both amino acid configurations.

There are at least three other things to add about this vain endeavor. First, even if they had combined single-gender amino acids they are still a long way from creating life. Second, it's a bit absurd to think that these exact components would be present in the perfect laboratory environment and then get struck by lighting at just the right time and power level. Third, oxygen had to be excluded from the experiment because it prevents the binding of amino acids. But wait! Oxygen is necessary to sustain life. Therefore the same environment needed to sustain life would prevent the creation of it. Impossible!

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