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Expert Testimony Concerning the Resurrection

While it is helpful to examine the evidence of the resurrection in a simple and collective setting, many scholars have done far more exhaustive research. Here, a few of these offer their conclusions on the matter.

Dr. Thomas Arnold

Professor of History at Oxford, author of History of Rome,

"I have been used for many years to study the histories of other times, and to examine and weigh the evidence of those who have written about them, and I know of no one fact in the history of mankind which is proved by better and fuller evidence of every sort, to the understanding of a fair inquirer than the great sign which God hath given us that Christ died and rose again from the dead." 1

Dr. Simon Greenleaf

Royall Professor of Law at Harvard University, author of A Treasury on the Law of Evidence:

"They [the apostles] had every possible motive to review carefully the grounds of their faith, and the evidences of the great facts and truths which they asserted; and these motives were pressed upon their attentions with the most melancholy and terrific frequency. It was therefore impossible that they could have persisted in affirming the truths they have narrated, had not Jesus actually risen from the dead, and had they not known this fact as certainly as they knew any other fact." 2

John Singleton Copley

Attorney General of Great Britain, High Chancellor of England, High Steward of the University of Cambridge:

"I know pretty well what evidence is; and I tell you, such evidence as that for the resurrection has never broken down yet." 3

Lord Darling

Chief Justice of England, regarding the resurrection:

"On that greatest point we are not merely asked to have faith. In its favour as living truth there exists such overwhelming evidence, positive and negative, factual and circumstantial, that no intelligent jury in the world could fail to bring in a verdict that the resurrection story is true." 4

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By: Bill Smith
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