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A Survey of Messianic Prophecy

Jesus is the central theme of the Bible, and the prophecies which were written beforehand about Him and His coming are referred to as Messianic Prophecy. Messianic prophecy not only shows the existence, power, and wisdom of God, but also shows Him in the context of His divine plan for the salvation of mankind. Because of the importance of these prophecies, this section will cover several. What is interesting, however, is that we are still only scratching the surface - there are dozens of vivid and detailed prophecies foretelling the story of Jesus.

This section should also be of special interest to the non-believer. Because there is no other area of prophecy more extensive, it is difficult to conclude that this vast amount of foretelling could be coincidence. Additionally, since the fulfillment of these prophecies is recorded in the New Testament, with its powerful bibliographic and external evidence, the accuracy of the details is superb.

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