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Jesus Christ: An Investigation of Identity
There is no human name more widely recognized around the world than that of Jesus Christ. Whoever he was or was not, the world is a different place because of him. Join us as we seek to really look into this figure and the facts surrounding him. Who was he? Is he resurrected?

His Identity

A Survey of Messianic Prophecy
A serious look at the Bible reveals that, from cover to cover, it revolves around Jesus. Centuries before he came, these prophecies were penned with unmistakable precision.

The Crucifixion

Was Jesus Crucified on Thursday or Friday?
Differing ideas exist about what day of the week it was when Jesus was crucified. The answer will help us understand his statements and his death.

The Resurrection

An Introduction to the Study of the Resurrection

Why Is the Resurrection so Important?

Common Facts Surrounding the Resurrection
Here we'll outline six facts upon which every scholar, both believing and unbelieving, will agree. You don't have to believe in the resurrection to agree here; this is common ground.

Circumstantial Evidence of the Resurrection
A point-by-point summary of the facts surrounding the resurrection, and their implications on our investigation of the truthfulness of this event.

Alternate Theories of the Resurrection
Our research has found at least eleven theories that try to explain away the resurrection. Are they more believable than the resurrection? Do the facts support any of these? You be the judge.

Expert Testimony Concerning the Resurrection


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