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The Bible: A Look at the Book
What's the Bible all about? And why should you care? Here you'll find resources to help you not only learn from and about the Bible, but also learn where it came from. Is it a divine source of life-giving words? An archaic, over-hyped book of fairy tales? Or something in between? Check it out.

The Reliability of the Bible

Apologetics and Document Evaluation
An introduction to the idea of apologetics, particularly with regard to examining the reliability of Biblical documents.

Bibliographic Evidence Tests
Here we ask some questions about the substantiation of the Biblical documents, in terms of the quantity, quality and date of the manuscripts.

Internal Evidence Tests
Can it be easily surmised that the Bible is myth? A hoax? The internal tests verify that it is a real world document, written by eyewitnesses.

External Evidence Tests: Archaeology
A lot can be learned about the authenticity of a historical document by its validity in light of archaeology. Does the Bible fit?

External Evidence Tests: Prophecy
Even the Bible itself says that if a prophet prophecies falsely, the punishment is death. Can the Bible live by its own standards?

External Evidence Tests: Contemporary Testimony
The Biblical writings were not written in a corner, but dealt with real world events. We can gain some insight by what others, both believing and not, said of these same events.


The Bible Is Sufficient

The Bible Is Authoritative

Bible Authority Chain Reference
The Bible speaks for itself in emphasizing the authority of its own words, from Jesus and His apostles, and the sufficiency and uniqueness of those words for us today.

The Bible Is an Entreaty

The Bible Is Final
Sure, the Bible is divine revelation. But is it meant to be the end of revelation? Let's see what the Bible itself has to say on the matter.

The End of Divine Revelation Is Foretold
The Old Testament has some fascinating things to say about the coming not only of the Messiah, but also of the fulfillment and completion of revelation.

What's the Harm in Continuing Revelation?


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